Mysterious explosion recorded by NASA’s Telescope

Three telescopes in orbit namely – the Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope, the Neil Gehrels Swift Observatory, and the Wind spacecraft have detected the wonderful event. A dying star now referred as the GRB 221009A, pulsing with the powerful glow of its gamma-ray emissions was captured attention of the astronomers globally.

This was the most prominent explosion ever detected, NASA announced on Thursday.  A star may explode during later stages of its life. Astrophysicists and cosmologists have been observing these explosions since decades now.

These events are called as supernovae. One of the leading researcher students (Northwestern University) – Jillian Rastinejad said that “In our research group, we’ve been referring to this burst as the ‘BOAT’, or Brightest of All Time, because when you look at the thousands of bursts gamma-ray telescopes have been detecting since the 1990s, this one stands apart,”.

This research group lead by Rastinejad conducted another observation on Friday, taking more measurements as the gamma rays continued to flood past Earth. This event will give astronomers, a great chance to reveal mysteries of the Universe.

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