Massive earthquake changed path of this river 2500 years ago

The research published in Nature Magazine reveals that a massive earthquake 2,500 years ago caused the River Ganga to change its course ...
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Important points to know about Nipah Virus

nipah virus details
The lethal zoonotic infection known as Nipah virus (NiV) is extremely contagious and a member of the Paramyxoviridae family. Both ...
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Everything you need to know about biofuel

Biofuels all you need to know
Biofuels are a type of sustainable energy sources, produced by biological processes and organic materials. They serve as a greener substitute ...
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Superresolution Microscopy: A revolutionary technique

superresolution microscope
What is superresolution microscopy? University of Michigan researchers have created a ground-breaking superresolution method that enables in-depth imaging of cell ...
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All you need to know about Luna 25 mission | Science News

The Luna 25 mission is a recent mission by Russia. It will explore the moon. Humanity has always been captivated ...
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Purifying water with static electricity

Water is the magical elixir for all living forms, and protecting its availability and cleanliness is crucial for both human health ...
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Connection between King Tut and a whale

In a remarkable and unexpected twist, marine archaeologists have announced the discovery of an astonishing prehistoric creature that has been ...
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Tunnel of Gods !

Waking of the giant?

Happy Sun !!!

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