3 innovative tricks to make learning fun for kids at home

We live in a science-dominated world, where new teaching strategies are assisting students to explore science in intuitive ways. New era teachers and science enthusiasts are also coming up with creative ideas now and then. It is important to have an updated scientific aptitude to gain an edge in the ever-changing world. The task is not as hard as it sounds. We can create a positive learning atmosphere at home for kids with few tactics. The following are a few strategies to make learning at home a fun activity for children.

  1. Scientific discussions and arguments

Discussions and arguments are powerful ways to give children widened thinking and introducing them to contrasting ideas. This will help them engage with open-ended questions, encouraging them to come up with new ideas. Guiding them through discussion and arguments is also a better way to deepen their understanding of any subject. Mindfully create situations where they will have to do thought experiments and think about any issue with an open mind.

  • Mini-labs

An attractive piece in most of the houses is a large flat screen thing. Which serves as a great distraction for kids. Imagine a house where kids have their fab-lab. Where they can make projects every weekend with their parents, wouldn’t that be a great scene?

This is the best way to engage children in hands-on activities. We always tend to remember more about any subject when we understand it through experiential methods. It is quite easy to teach about simple circuits, magnetism, conductivity, and much more. Even the kitchens are great places to know food chemistry.

Try to develop a mini tool lab for your child. At ‘Box of Science’ we have created innovative kits to support this culture. Our ‘My Science Lab’ kits are facilitating thousands of parents, teachers, and kids for self-learning and teaching.

  • Balance of Reading vs watching

In the era of digital content, kids may miss the fascinating world of books. When we read a story our brain creates characters, locations, and all other details with our imagination. Watching a video takes this imagination away. We tend to see things that are already cooked, with no scope for self-imagination. There has to be a balance between watching and reading. Try to have at least one new book or a relevant periodical at home every month. Develop a habit of reading. Kids will follow your actions.

Like it is said, learning starts from home. Let your children unbox their imagination at home. Join this movement on activity based education.

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